O'Grady for State Senate-New York
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The top layer of a wedding cake is shown in this ad for New York State Senate candidate Marilyn O'Grady. Panning up, the camera shows two groom figurines on the cake.

"Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Howard Mills support taxpayer funding of abortion. They oppose Bush on defending marriage, and they support gay civil unions. Schumer and Mills: the perfect liberal couple," says a narrator.

Fading from the wedding cake, the screen reads, "Only Conservative Marilyn O'Grady stands with President Bush to defend marriage and protect the unborn."

O'Grady appears onscreen, sitting at her desk. "Chuck Schumer and Howard Mills both support taxpayer funding of abortion. I don't. I'm Marilyn O'Grady and I approve this message to offer a conservative choice."

O'Grady failed miserably in a liberal area, she received just 3% of the vote in New York State. The majority of votes (71%) went to incumbent Chuck Schumer.
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