Holiday Inn
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A group of businessmen approaches one of their colleagues as he waits for an elevator, and one of the men greets him: "Joe Buck."

Joe responds in a bass-heavy tone, "How you doin'?"

The businessman is impressed at the pitch of Joe's voice: "Wow, what a voice!"

Their colleagues chime in, likening his voice to other delights, from "pure baseball" to "velvet mixed with peanut butter."

Hesitantly, one of the men asks if it would "be alright if touched throat while ..."

He places his hand on the man's vocal instrument and makes a request: "If you could just say, 'a swing and a miss.' "

Joe obliges, "A swing and a miss."

Fascinated at the vibration, the man wants to spread the joy among the other men: "That is awesome. You guys gotta try it."

All of the men place their hands on Joe's throat, and Joe repeats, "A swing and a miss."

Some of the businessmen try the experiment on themselves, touching their own throats and reciting the same line.

At this point, some of the guys realize the absurdity of the scenario.

One of the men proclaims that he's "gonna take the stairs," presumably to escape the awkward situation. The video stops, but all of the others echo him, saying they're taking the stairs too.

The ad earns an Equal rating, but barely. This ad and its corresponding campaign feature a group of traveling businessman's idiosyncratic moments in hotels, half of which allude to homosexuality for humor.

Others in the campaign like "Hot Tub" are more problematic.
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