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This ad features a rainbow-accented Louise Young, who is lesbian and President of Raytheon's National GLBTA organization, based in Plano, TX.

The company says its campaign is "designed to strengthen the company’s image as a leader in diversity. This campaign highlights Raytheon’s diverse employee talent and positions our inclusive culture as a competitive advantage -- a key component of Raytheon’s Customer Focused Marketing strategy. Raytheon features actual
employees in the ads to reinforce the diversity of Raytheon as a company, as well as to spotlight those individuals who have made a commitment to building an inclusive culture through their participation in diversity-focused programs."

The diversity ads depict 25 Raytheon employees from each business and minority network across the organization, photographed individually and in groups. The ads appeared in business, minority and engineering-focused publications including Forbes, Black Enterprise, Diversity Careers-Engineering and IT, Diversity Inc., Minority Engineer, Careers and the Disabled, Winds of Change, and Veterans Enterprise.

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