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Two blue-collar male archetypes are working under the hood of a car when one produces a Snickers bar from his front pocket and lets it hang from his mouth cigar-style. He proceeds to consume the candy bar hands-free like it's an oversized spaghetti noodle.

Reminiscent of Lady And The Tramp, one of the two mechanics notices the other's peculiar method of consumption and is tempted to bite the other end of the candy bar until he meets his friend for an inevitable "kiss" mid-Snickers.

Stunned, the two men step far away from each other, and one of them says, "I think we just accidentally kissed." The other responds, "Quick! Do something manly!"

They both rip patches of hair from their chest and scream in pain until the close of the ad.

The ad premiered during the 2007 Super Bowl, and four versions of the spot were available via the company's website, each with different endings. The site allowed users to vote on their "most satisfying" outcome, and this version was in last place.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) issued a press release insisting that Snickers pull the campaign, and the company responded by pulling the ads from their website.

The ad has been panned by critics, including an article by Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! Sports and a commentary by Bob Garfield at Advertising Age.

The ad earns a Negative rating because it suggests that accidental contact between two men of the same sex is worthy of self-mutilation in order to assert the authenticity of one's heterosexuality.
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