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In a car ad cliche, the ad begins with images of the Audi driving on a twisted road, but then also shows a motorcycle rider in a red leather jacket on the same road, who casually waves to another passing rider going the other way.

But then a rainstorm causes the rider to take shelter under a bridge as the Audi driver stops and backs up to pick him up.

The cyclist abandons his machine and without a word, the two young men are then riding together in the car. Then, even though the storm had passed, the motorcycle rider then drives the Audi too -- waving to his earlier motorcycle friend on the road, who passes once again.

The nature of the pickup and riding around together leaves a mystique -- and perhaps an incomplete storyline to some -- that is rather Gay Vague. (The ad's title refers to "switching" from a motorcycle to a car, but perhaps has other implications too.)
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