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A woman's voice narrates over various pictures, "I woke up in a new place today, things I'd never seen. Strange beauty new fears, battles, it imposed new limits, and shattered old ones..." then two women in brides outfits hold a wedding ceremony in their home with their parents watching.

The narration continues, "It praised the new, banished the old, it made news sounds, had new truths, deceptions and secrets.

"It offered new hurts and new hopes and I said I need to find out everything I can about this place because, it's where I live."

Newspapers and media have had a strong record in including the gay community as part of a picture of today's reality of society. Canada's two leading papers, the Toronto Star and The Globe have made reference to homosexuality in their ads, and Denmark's Politiken lead the way for many in 1993 by creating the first gay kiss ad.
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