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A young black man driving a car addresses the camera as everything around him changes in rapid time -- including his wardrobe and hairstyle.

"You know, things are changing so fast these days they change before your very eyes," he says. "I mean, just when you think you've got your head around what's in and what to wear, it's what's out and off. Who are your friends? Where are your friends? What are friends? And then there are girlfriends..."

The girlfriends put a wig and a white feather boa on the fellow, who then says, "You don't know if you're Arthur or Martha."

The transgendered piece of this frenetic commercial is inclusive and non-judgmental.

South Africa has of course had a dramatic social and cultural turnaround in recent years. Up until 1976, the country actually banned all TV, fearing it might keep people away from church. Progressiveness has now become a hallmark. Since the lifting of Apartheid, gays are now protected by federal law.
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