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A small man shows up at a karate class and everyone stops and looks at him unnaturally -- he's wearing a pink robe instead of the requisite white one everyone else has. The new arrival swallows hard and looks down at his mistake as the others come over to bully him around, like in a schoolyard.

A woman with a headset then gives washing instructions -- the service promoted by the ad -- for a "new red shirt."

An announcer then adds, "If you have any questions about washing, then home direct has the answer." Except the imagery now shows the same man in the shower next to a much larger man who both share a looks at each other's genitals. Predatory or shared interest? It's hard to tell.

This ad (dubbed in English) is for a laundry soap brand with a phone support service called Careline. The spot won a Gold Euro EFFIE in 2000.
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