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This startlingly nude commercial is as outrageous as it is funny. An animated, flaccid penis begins bouncing to music, then starts "mouthing" the words to the song as well.

It advertises an Australian gay radio program on a community station for international dance music.

The ad was made for the Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras Film festival and, amazingly, played on National Television on a high rating show as an interest piece. It won the Silver Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival in 1999.

According to a member at the radio station, "Australian reactions at first were not good. Most cinema chains wouldn't play it because it was seen as offensive...however, after it won Cannes it was somehow turned into ART and was played on television and cinema a fair amount."

Since then, it has played on UK national television and has appeared in the US on an HBO special about advertising.
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