Samsonite Hardside
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Leo Burnett Co.
A crazy man, on the wing of an flying jetliner, comes over to the window of a sleeping man and yells, "Hey flyboy, comfy in there?"

Suddenly in the seat next to him, "Unless you checked a Hardside suitcase, we have a major crisis downstairs."

Zooming down to "lower levels" on an absurd device, the man pauses at a "level" where slaves are pulling oars as if on a ship and he says, "And you thought coach was bad."

The next level down is the luggage compartment and he says, "It's a war zone down here, that's why I check the Samsonite Hardside. Hey, isn't that your bag?" Several suitcase fall onto and squash the man's bag, squirting toothpaste onto his forehead.

A male stewardess bends over from the upper level and says down to them in a lisp, "Sir, could you please return to your seat?"

The tagline is: "Life is hard. Don't go soft."
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