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George Wendt, who once played Norm Peterson on "Cheers," runs across a long, green field, to a romantic love song ( a variation of The Carpenters' "Close to You") -- seemingly to fall into the arms of a woman. Making note that he is overweight through an unflattering closeup on his rear, he quickly tires and stops, doubled over for breath.

But then his "romantic" interest shows up -- the beer man at a baseball game, who coyly winks at him. "I think you're beautiful," says Wendt, a fan who has crossed the field in search of a beer salesman. "Gee, thanks," the vendor replies awkwardly, as Wendt painfully clarifies: "I was talking to the beer."

The final shot shows that the two men are holding up a game as they stand on the field.

The ad message invokes same-sex romance, only to bring a slightly negative bite at the end in the tone. A company seeking the gay market so desperately as Coors has in recent years could fashion a smarter commercial.
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