Beer Goggles

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Walking cautiously into a total dive, a young man asks the bar tender for a Brahma — uh, please. Instantly the world is transformed. The bar is spotless and the clientele is fresh. Turning back around, the young man is surprised to see the bartender is a knock-out beauty, ""Thank you, ma'am."" With a masculine voice, the gorgeous bartender replies, ""Thank you, sweet cheeks.""

(In Portuguese, saying ""thank you"" is gender-dependent.)"
4360,"Encuentro","Video Ad","Quilmes","InBev","Alcoholic Beverages",,"","",,"","","An empty fridge becomes a city-wide musical quest for beer through Buenos Aires.

What starts as a search for the drink of his dreams soon becomes a search for the girl of his dreams, with a false start upon first entering the bar when a lesbian informs him he's barking up the wrong tree.

Quilmes: El Sabór del Encuentro

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