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In a massively crowded airline terminal, a flash of lightening is joined by an airline employee's announcement on the P.A., "Flight 27 has been canceled due to weather. Our next departure is at 6:00 A.M. tomorrow."

Disappointed, the delayed passengers are a chorus of sighs and groans.

Then game show host Wink Martindale appears and says "It's time to play 'Take on Orbitz!' " He explains, "Today's couples had bad weather and must book a hotel before the other 200 passengers."

The host says "Go!" and two couples, a straight couple and a lesbian couple, are suddenly in a game show set and rush to find a hotel room from their opposing game podiums.

While the straight couple gets out a telephone book, the lesbian couple wins by booking from a cell phone, and they announce they've booked a hotel. They kiss each other to celebrate.

The weary straight travelers get a blanket and a pillow as their consolation prize. The straight couple then tries to get comfortable sleeping in the airport baggage claim with everyone else.

The ad earns a Positive rating for putting committed straight and gay couples on the same game show set and showing the lesbian couple rejoicing in their victory with a kiss.
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