Gay/Lesbian health awareness
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Nonprofit/NGO (gay)
With great sternness, a sweaty young man says, "There are two ways to looks at AIDS: it's their problem," and a scene of bathroom intimacy unfolds between two men, "...or it's everyone's," as people are shown chatting at a fancy art gallery.

"It's in the streets..." and a homeless man is shown, "or right next door." An older woman outside her suburban homes picks some flowers but then inside a man is laying in hospital bed in the living room.

The man continues, "They ask for it..." with a scene of people taking drugs with hypodermic needles, "...nobody asked for it." A screaming, drug-addicted baby is shown in a dark hospital with no proud parents around it.

As he watches the baby wheeled away, he concludes, "You can close your eyes to AIDS, but you can never look the other way."

The closing tagline says, "It's time to understand AIDS."

Powerful imagery and writing for this public service announcement.
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