Siemens C35 mobile
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A young woman arrives alone to a packed dance club. As she enters the dance floor, a scantily dressed woman longingly looks at her, and a moment later a muscular guy grabs her and begins dancing close.

They dance erotically, and she grabs her breasts as they look deep into each others' eyes. She notices a necklace he's wearing that appears to be the astrological symbol of Gemini, the twins, and pulls out her mobile phone. While still sexily dancing with him, she smoothly goes to an astrology web site to test her compatibility with the guy and it says they're a "perfect match." She also notices the first woman smiling from over his shoulder.

A narrator says, "You know there's a sexy way to connect to the web. But whatever you do with the new Siemens C35, be inspired.

At that moment, another more boyish guy who is apparently with the first one shows up and it becomes clear that the necklace implied he was gay instead of a Gemini.

But no matter, because she turns her head and there is the woman whom she keeps catching eyes with. The last shot is of a sly smile on her face as she looks to the woman and nods her head.

The tagline: "Be inspired."

Amazingly, as a lipstick lesbian and gay man both play it straight for a moment, it turns out that everyone is gay. No one is left unhappy at the end as both have partners. One of the most gay-positive commercials from Europe.
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