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A couple of oppressively built men dressed as "housewives" are walking the streets of Amsterdam. They are flagrantly unconvincing as women, with wigs, earrings and facial stubble.

The voiceover introduces them, as they clunk by in requisite wooden shoes: "Hello, this is Brenda and this is Audrey. This is Amsterdam, home to Europe's filthiest windows."

Exploring their surroundings, the two "housewives" seem shocked at the debauchery going on behind the windows of the Red Light District in the ultra-liberal city, but then maybe it's just the dirty windows.

The voiceover continues, "These tough housewives cleaned 'em up using new Bounty Glass & Surfaces. You can tell by the blue windows, those sixty-five percent bigger sheets that clean windows in a double."

The ad concludes with a shot of the two women behind their respective glass windows -- this time on the inside. As they finish, they now sit in the windows admiring their work -- or is it to pick up men walking by?

The voiceover chimes in, "New Bounty Glass & Surface. Who says cleaning windows in a pain in the glass?"

The ad earns an Equal rating because the humor of the ad is not based strictly on the Bad Drag.

The Bounty campaign featuring the tough housewives has been on the air since 2001.
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