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Bowing down before a smoking urn, a man in a turbin with a black eye and bandage on his nose says, "My name is Arma Sulalafa. People also call me Sula, Master of Snakes."

There are people in the room with him and his snake. The interview to a camera continues, documentary style, "I come from five generations of snake charmers."

A crowd of people watches and claps in advance of his performance, then he begins to play a tune on his flute for the snake.

Everyone silently watches, though the snake in a basket is unimpressed and motionless. The tune is passed along via loudspeaker to the surrounding neighborhood.

Suddenly, all the men look down at their crotches and to their horror they all begin to have erections. The women try to conceal laughs as they notice too. A group of men of varying ages passing by on a crowded bus bump into each other with their erections and everyone is disturbed by the whole thing, as the horn music is still playing.

One man even manages to knock over an entire dinner table with his erection, bringing a smile and a plate of food onto the feet of his female dining companion. Another man, peeing on a wall, watches as his stream moves up.

People begin to go to the local apothecary to seek relief from this problem but no one has a solution, even trying to cool down their genitals with fans.

Finally the town's people throw chairs and anything else they can find at the horn player to make him stop so they can get some relief. The pitiable snake charmer has only charmed something else. At the end, he sits in bandages and his arm in a sling. Not understanding, Sula's parting words to the camera are, "No one understands! I am a true master! Our skills are passed down from father to son."

The tag line is "Always Use the Right Music"
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