Yes on 3-Utah Constitutional Amendment
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Alan Osmond, brother to TV star Donny Osmond, sits on a couch with his wife, who smiles at him adoringly, as he says to the camera, "Hi, we're Alan and Suzaane Osmond. Our family has friends all over the world, but we chose Utah as our home because of the strong family values." (Guess it's not because that's where all the Mormans are.) The camera starts on a shot of Alan and Suzanne holding hands and zooms out to show his family, then shots of baby holding.

Suzanne then gets her thoughts in, "Our marriage and family are our most precious treasures and we know that traditional marriage between a man and woman are the foundation of society and that children need both a mom and a dad." There's more kid photography, then a large family shot where men all where black suits with a red tie, and all the women wear red blouses (except for one, who lacked the outfit or rejected red blouse values).

"But marriage and the family is under attack and our children's future is at risk. Please help Utah stand strong for traditional marriage."

Then with the four youngest grandpups in their arms wearing blood red, the kids all yell, "It's just right!"

In all its cuteness, the ad clearly doesn't communicate how children's futures are at risk.

Nonetheless, the issue sailed to victory (66% to 34%) in a state that is 76% Mormon and once widely favored polygamy/plural marriages. (Polygamy is still practiced in secret by some estimated 40,000-60,000 Mormons, despite being declared illegal in the late 1800s by federal law.)

Amendment 3 changed the Utah constitution to state that "marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman" and that "no other domestic union may be recognized as a marriage."

The Beehive State was one of 11 that passed an anti-gay-marriage amendment. Other state vote results:

Arkansas: 75% to 25%
Georgia: 77% to 23%
Kentucky: 75% to 25%
Michigan: 59% to 41%
Mississippi: 86% to 14%
Montana: 66% to 34%
North Dakota: 73% to 27%
Ohio: 62% to 38%
Oklahoma: 76% to 24%
Oregon: 57% to 43%
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