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From September 20-26, join GLAAD in recognizing the bisexual community for Bisexual Awareness Week, including Celebrate Bisexuality Day on September 23.

More than 80,000 people have signed a Change.org petition calling on TLC to cancel its upcoming special "My Husband's Not Gay." The program, set to air on January 11, follows four Mormon men who re

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GLAAD Hace un Llamado a José Luis Sin Censura de Cesar la Difamación Contra Las Personas LGBT

La Alianza Gay y Lésbica Contra la Difamación (GLAAD) exige que el programa José Luis Sin Censura detenga inmediatamente el uso de términos difamatorios y pide una disculpa a los televidentes. Los términos "maricón" y “puñal ", cuyo equivalente en inglés sería la palabra “fa**ot”, fueron gritados por el público en un segmento del programa emitido el 8 de junio. El mismo patrón se continuó en un segmento emitido el 10 de junio, en el que los miembros del público gritaron "puto". Esta palabra, en muchos países hispanohablantes, también significa “maricón”.

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Call on Clear Channel Outdoor to Explain Rejection of Pride Billboards

Clear Channel Outdoor, the world’s largest outdoor advertising firm reaching millions of consumers, has rejected two gay pride ads in its local Tampa Bay, Florida market. The ads were submitted by St. Pete Pride organizers.

One ad features a gay couple with the caption: “my family is FUN.” The second ad features a lesbian couple with the caption: “my family is FREE.” Both were intended to advertise the upcoming St. Petersburg Pride celebration happening on June 26. 

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