Megan Townsend - Senior Strategist, Entertainment Media

Megan TownsendAs the Senior Strategist on GLAAD's Entertainment Media team, Megan advocates for the inclusion of nuanced and diverse LGBTQ stories and characters in films, television, comics, video games and other forms of entertainment media.

Megan is the principal author and contributing researcher for GLAAD's Where We Are on TV report and Studio Responsibility Index, two annual reports which examine the state of LGBTQ representation in television and Hollywood film. She also works with TV and film studio executives, producers, content creators and scriptwriters to provide script consultations, writer's room trainings, and more. Megan monitors LGBTQ-inclusive content, trends, and developments in television and film and is a frequent contributor to GLAAD's blog. A graduate of Central Michigan University, Megan joined GLAAD in January 2012.