Arnaldo Ochoa - Senior Bookkeeper

Arnaldo Ochoa has over 20 years of accounting experience. He began his career as a processing clerk at Brinks Incorporated in Los Angeles. During many years of working at Brinks, he developed his skills processing a high volume of currency, check and bank transmissions through the ACH system utilized by banks. After a total of 10 years working nights, he decided to find a day job so he could spend more time with his family. He took a job as an accounts receivable clerk in a company that has 36 stores, processing daily check deposits and credit card transactions for each store. He worked there until he met Mike Cummins, GLAAD's former Managing Director of Innovative Accountants and the Director of Finance. Mike introduced Arnaldo to GLAAD and was hired as the Data Entry Clerk. After more than a year working in that role, he was promoted to the Bookkeeper. Arnaldo has been at GLAAD for more than eight years and currently works as the Sr. Bookkeeper.