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GLAAD's Staff


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GLAAD staff members can be contacted via email at the addresses below. Please see our Contact Us page for more contact information or general inquiries.


Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO and President


Rich Ferraro, Vice President of Communications and Programs

Nick Adams, Associate Director of Communications

Seth Adam, Senior Manager of Communications

Chris Carlon, Design & Multimedia Manager

Entertainment Media

Matt Kane, Associate Director of Entertainment Media

Max Gouttebroze, Entertainment Media Strategist

Megan Townsend, Entertainment & Operations Coordinator


News Media

Ross Murray, Director of News

Tiq Milan, Senior Media Strategist

Dani Heffernan, Media Strategist

Spanish Language Media

Monica Trasandes, Director of Spanish Language Media

Janet Quezada, Spanish Language Media Strategist

Digital Initiatives

Brendan Davis, Digital Content Manager

Anna Wolk, Online Production Manager


Alexandra BollesPrograms and Communications Fellow


Charlotte Wells, Vice President of Operations

Becca Palmer, Operations Manager

Lauren Herold, Administrative Assistant


Arnaldo Ochoa, Senior Bookkeeper

Information Technology

Nick Contino, Director of Information Technology


Lauren Custer Dowling, Vice President of Development

Marc Honaker, Director of Creative Development

Wilson Cruz, Strategic Giving Officer & National Spokesperson

Omar Sharif, Jr. , Strategic Giving Officer & National Spokesperson

Amhir HidalgoStrategic Giving Officer

Roman Valdez, Manager of Donor Services

Dustin Leer, Events Manager

Ricky Carter, Events Coordinator