Minnesotans Stand for Marriage Equality

Minnesota State Fair, Photo Credit Politics in Minnesota

Minnesota State Fair goers had an opportunity to share their views on marriage equality and other upcoming ballot measures during this year’s State Fair. According to the Minnesota House of Representatives, “Minnesotans do not appear willing to change the state’s constitution to define marriage.”  A record high number of fairgoers participated in this year’s poll on upcoming ballot measures with nearly 70% of the 12,594 participants voicing their opposition to the proposed anti-gay constitutional amendment on marriage. The question put to Minnesotans read, “Should the state constitution be amended to define marriage as "only a union of one man and one woman?" This question will be on the November 2012 ballot.” As one blog reports, “the answer, by a wide margin, is "No." Actually it was more like "No!" Local news outlets like KTSP ABC Channel 5 ran a story on the poll saying “it is unscientific, but lawmakers do say they listen to it.” Watch the full video here: Other news outlets covering the poll results include the Minnesota Independent, MinnPost, Politics in Minnesota, Richfield Patch, and ThinkProgress, among others. GLAAD urges the media to continue to shine a light on the overwhelmingly supportive attitudes about marriage equality like those that fair minded Minnesotans demonstrated at the State Fair. Moving forward, GLAAD constituents can assist in monitoring and reporting any inaccurate or problematic news coverage as we hold the media accountable for highlighting the Minnesotans for marriage equality.