Adam Levine Praises The Voice For Its Inclusiveness

Adam Levine recently sat down with Out Magazine to discuss rumors about his orientation, his younger brother, his ‘It Gets Better’ video and the gay and lesbian contestants on The Voice. The Maroon 5 front man wrapped up the first season of The Voice with a win for his protégé, Javier Colon.  It’s an experience he says “had a pretty profound impact on [his] life,” enough to make him sign up for a second season.   And while Javier is straight, Levine praised the gay and lesbian contestants on the show and the program itself for letting them be proud of who they are on the air. The NBC show had four out contestants in its first season; two of them made it to the finals. The Voice has taken a refreshing spin on televised singing competitions and has often been compared to its long-running Fox counterpart. While the contestants on The Voice were encouraged to be authentic, it is important to note that American Idol in its 10 years on the air has never had an openly LGBT contestant. Levine shared his frustration with the Fox program: “What’s always pissed me off about Idol is wanting to mask that, for that to go unspoken. C’mon. You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break. You can’t hide basic components of these people’s lives. The fact that The Voice didn’t have any qualms about being completely open about it is a great thing.” Levine also took the Out interview as an opportunity to answer rumors about his orientation. “There’s no way to hide my straightness,” he says, “but if people didn’t think there was a small chance I was gay, then I wouldn’t be doing my job very well. Look at the best ones, guys whose sexuality was always questioned. Bowie. Jagger. Freddie Mercury. I wouldn’t be the front man of a band if that question hadn’t come up at some point.” While Levine is not gay, he is definitely a strong ally and uses his work to speak out on behalf of the LGBT community. He was thrilled to see Maroon 5’s single “Misery” performed by Blaine on Glee during an episode in which Kurt and Blaine shared their first kiss. The singer has a long standing relationship with the community. In fact, his younger brother is openly gay. In his interview, Levine talked about the support his family provided to his brother and the importance of parents accepting and embracing their LGBT children. He was also among the first celebrities to join the 'It Gets Better' campaign by sending a supportive message to LGBT youth. To read the Out Magazine article, click here.