Media Prepares for Marriage Equality in New York

In the week leading up to the day New York’s marriage equality law goes into effect, July 24, the media continues to cover the story from various angles. National outlets and outlets all over New York have been reporting on preparations being made for the big day, as well as couples who are planning to marry once they can in the state. Here is a run down of some of the stories from this week: Associated Press: “Albany Mayor Offers 10 Post-Midnight Same-Sex Weddings as New Law Takes Effect” “Fight Against NY Gay Weddings Has Only Just Begun” "Gay-Rights Group Gave Cuomo $60,000 as He Pushed Marriage Bill, Records Show" "NYC to Hold Lottery for 1st Day of Gay Weddings" New York Daily News "NOM Targets "Benedict Arnolds" of the State Senate Who Voted For Gay Marriage" New York Post “Kitsch of the Day” The New York Times: "2 Dads, 2 Daughters, 1 Big Day" "Central Park Chapels to ‘Pop Up’ for Gay Marriages" "Episcopal Bishop in Western N.Y. to Allow Priests to Officiate at Gay Marriages" "For Three Same-Sex Couples, Together Many Years, the Wait Is About Over" "True to Episcopal Church’s Past, Bishops Split on Gay Weddings" “How Clergy Helped a Same-Sex Marriage Law Pass" “Young New Yorkers on Gay Marriage” Newsweek: “Our Sweet Triumph" Niagra Gazette: "31 Same-Sex Couples Ready to Wed in Falls" Outcome: “The Race To Be First: Marriage Equality-Polooza” "Avenue Q’s Same-Sex Puppets Rod and Ricky Will Tie the Knot; Engagement Photo Released (Photo)"