Republican State Senators Conference as Reports Indicate NY Marriage Bill May Pass if Brought to a Vote

New York Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos today announced that state Senate Republicans would conference and likely decide whether to bring proposed marriage legislation to the floor for a vote. Skelos told reporters, “We’re going to conference the language of the amendments, we’re going to conference the whole issue, and I expect that that’s going to take a little time.” The Wall Street Journal reports that a Republican senator said, "I see it coming to the floor. People who don't understand the process are thinking, 'Don't bring it up and it will go away for a year.'" The senator suggested that Cuomo may order senators back for a special session should they fail to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo again on Wednesday said he is “cautiously optimistic that there are going to be enough votes” to pass the proposed marriage bill. Capitol Confidential’s Jimmy Vielkind wrote, “[M]ost people I speak to here at the Capitol, including several Republican senators, acknowledge there are probably enough votes to pass same-sex marriage.” In the same article, Vielkind examines which Republican senators could vote to approve the bill.

Photo by @sarahkkennedy

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, whose chamber would need to approve the amendments the Senate Republicans are considering, said he had seen drafts and found them agreeable. Demonstrations continue to be held at the Capitol in Albany, and advocates on the ground continue to tweet using the #NY4M hash tag. GLAAD will continue to add New York marriage updates to