Media Focuses on Marriage in New York, but a Vote Seems Unlikely Today

Advocates and lawmakers this morning indicated that a vote on New York’s proposed marriage equality legislation is unlikely to happen today, but media outlets continue their coverage of the events happening in Albany.Republican state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos met this morning with Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo (pictured), and reported that “[t]he senator said he doesn't think the Senate will take up a vote today” on the legislation. Capitol Tonight reported that after a meeting with Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Skelos said the three had “the framework of an agreement to resolve all outstanding issues,” with the exception of the marriage equality bill. Silver and a spokesperson for Cuomo confirmed the news. Leader Skelos also said he and other Senate Republicans needed to review language in the marriage bill and decide if it will come to a vote before the end of the session. Republican state Sen. Greg Ball, who asked his Twitter followers if they would support the legislation if they were him, appeared on CNN’s In the Arena with guest host Christine Romans on Monday evening and discussed the response he has received from constituents and followers on Twitter and Facebook. Following her interview with Ball, Romans interviewed Lt. Dan Choi about marriage in New York. Marriage equality opponent state Sen. Ruben Diaz (D) today released a statement saying he was misquoted in a piece by the Associated Press that claimed Diaz said marriage equality in New York was “inevitable.” However, Capitol Confidential’s Casey Seiler points out, “[T]here’s a significant difference between a misquote and not including every dependent clause in his statement.” Jeremy Hooper of Good As You posted a photo from New Yorkers United for Marriage’s “Rally for Love and Marriage” that started at 12pm in Albany. Other advocates have posted photos and updated from the event using the hashtag #NY4M on Twitter. New Yorkers United for Marriage provided two buses from Manhattan this morning for those who wished to attend the rally in Albany. The buses were free of charge and will return from Albany at 3pm. GLAAD is asking gay and lesbian couples to share their stories and explain the importance of marriage equality. GLAAD will continue to monitor New York’s proposed marriage bill.