Story to Watch: Poll Finds Most Minnesotans Oppose Ban on Marriage Equality

With Minnesota's Senate having passed a bill late Saturday night aimed at placing a constitutional ban on marriage equality on the state ballot next year, it's more important than ever for the media to report on how Minnesotans truly feel about marriage equality. According to a recent poll by the Star Tribune, Only 39% of Minnesotans actually support a state constitutional ban on marriage equality. (55% of Minnesotans oppose banning marriage equality.) The poll asked 805 Minnesotans, “Please tell me if you would favor or oppose amending the Minnesota constitution to ban same-sex marriage.” These results refute those of a poll funded by the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM), along with the Minnesota Family Council and Lawrence Research, which claims to have found widespread support for putting an amendment that would ban marriage equality on the 2012 ballot. The authors of that poll have refused to release the poll questions and other relevant data. Senator Warren Limmer, whose bill proposing the marriage equality ban passed in the Minnesota Senate on Wednesday, cited NOM’s poll, prompting Minnesota Public Radio to investigate the poll and declare it ‘inconclusive.’ GLAAD encourages its constituents to monitor the media coverage of these polls and pay particular attention to any stories that cite the findings of NOM as conclusive or impartial. The public should be aware of the Star Tribune’s results showing that fewer than 40% of Minnesotans support a constitutional ban on marriage equality. GLAAD is also concerned that media outlets accurately portray the effects that the proposed ban would have on LGBT families. Please keep an eye on how this story is being represented in the media.