Story to Watch: Anti-Gay Organization Creates Ad Against Harvey Milk Day

Stories to WatchAn ad campaign created by the anti-LGBT organization, Save California, asks parents to ‘take action’ by keeping their children home from school on Harvey Milk Day. Harvey Milk Day was created in 2009 to honor the life and accomplishments of the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. The holiday allows public schools and educational institutions to conduct activities in commemoration of the pioneering politician. Save California’s ad makes ridiculous and hurtful claims about Harvey Milk’s life and the lives of the entire LGBT community. Amidst a montage of photographs and dramatic music, they cite outdated ‘studies’ and manipulate statistics about HIV and other illnesses affecting the population at large. GLAAD is asking its constituents to be on the lookout for mainstream media coverage of this and any other anti-Harvey Milk Day efforts. The information in this video ad is highly sensational and denigrates the lives and legacy of LGBT people. It is important that organizations like Save California and the harmful messages they produce are not given more publicity than they have already received, and that mainstream media coverage of Harvey Milk Day NOT include any of the false claims presented in these ads.