How a Mother's Love Transcends All

As the daughter of a lesbian mom, Tina Fakhrid-Deen, knows the reality of unconditional love.  Having grown up in a family where being gay or transgender was unacceptable, Tina, at an early age, was forced to choose between her mom and her family. “I turned against her because everyone told me that being gay and poor was wrong which meant that my mother was somehow undeserving of my love,” Tina recounts. “She fought for me still, in spite of myself. At times, I was not a good daughter and it took the beautiful person inside of her to embrace the ugliness inside of me – and love me anyway.” Now the mother of her own eight-year-old daughter, Tina shares that this turbulent period in her life has helped shaped her parenting style, ultimately making her a better mom. “Our job as mothers is to provide shoulders for our children to stand on and pray that they grow wings to outsoar us. The best gift is to watch them fly and hope they look back long enough to appreciate who and where they came from.” GLAAD urges the media to report on Mother’s Day in a way that is fair, accurate and inclusive.  For suggestions on how to do this and to see possible story ideas, please check out our Mother’s Day Resource Kit. Please don’t hesitate to contact GLAAD if we can be of further assistance as you plan your coverage of Mother’s Day.