We Asked and You Told: "How I Met the One I Love"

Last week, we asked you to share your stories of love and commitment with us as a way to call on the media to tell more inclusive love stories this Valentine’s Day. And as promised, we are sharing those stories with the world. Raising visibility around our love stories is incredibly important, especially as marriage and relationship recognition is being challenged in state legislatures across the county. At GLAAD, we serve as a storyteller, watchdog and advocate – empowering real people to share their stories and holding the media accountable for the words and images they present. Our mission is to amplify the voices of the LGBT community and change people’s misperceptions. Each of you is a part of that work. Over the past week, we received numerous stories from individuals across the county but could only share a few. Also, if you are interested in sending FREE Valentine's Day cards to your friends, loved ones, or allies click here. We hope you enjoy! Leone & Rebecca: What is the best thing about being in a relationship? Leone: Oh geez, that's hard because there are so many great things. I'd have to say that it's being in a relationship with my best friend. Rebecca has truly been by my side over the years. She has supported me in everything, has been there for me whenever I needed someone, and never judges me. Nothing beats being in love with your best friend! Rebecca: Wow, you make me sound perfect! I think we support each other. I like coming home to Leone every day, and knowing that she will sit with me and talk if I had a bad day, and that she's taken the time to learn what makes me feel better. I like that she appreciates even the little things I do for her, like make coffee in the morning. And I like being told we are cute together - we get that a lot. L. & A. Hall What makes your relationship special? "When we got married, my spouse was male (I'm female). Two years later when she realized/was able to admit to herself and me that she was meant to be female, I didn't know how to react. But I married the person, not the gender. Over the last six years we've gone through her transition together. From psychological support to finding a doctor who would work with her to HRT and all of the ups and downs that come with it. One of the things I appreciate most about our relationship is this has only brought us closer. She's still the person I married, just more so, and regardless of the physical changes we have an emotional and intellectual connection that can't be broken." Sally & Dr. Beverly What makes your relationship special? Despite being diagnosed with a rare, incurable autoimmune disease six years ago...my life partner has stayed with me and is there for me each and every day. We are raising our son together and are thankful for each and every day. We were given this one life to be happy...and we will not let the government tell us otherwise. Heather and Crystal What makes your relationship special? Our relationship is special because of many things. Our love for each other is unconditional. We show so much compassion to each other and our love grows more and more every day for each other. We can look into each other’s eyes, and just we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. It's like we were made for each other. When we hold each other we fit perfectly, when we kiss our lips connect perfectly. My girl can walk into a room where I'm at and still give me butterflies and make my heart melt all in the same time. Just like when we first met, nothing has changed besides our love getting stronger. I love looking into her eyes and knowing that I'm all that matters to her and that she's all that matters to me. Nothing can beat this. She's my world and so perfect for me...Never have I ever felt like this with anyone. My girl completes me. Lauren & Derek What makes your relationship special? I'm not actually in a relationship right now, but have a very special friendship. My best friend in the whole world is a gay man, who is my neighbor as well. We see each other every day, kiss each other good night, cry on each other's shoulders, take care of each other when one of us is sick. We celebrate the good things together, and are there for each other through the bad things. We may not be IN love, but we love each other so much! In fact, I didn't think it was possible to love another human being as much as I love Derek. Tanya & Angela What makes your relationship special? Our relationship is special because we are truly best friends. We have a wonderful time together no matter what we are doing. When we were blessed with our baby almost 2 years ago, it made our little family circle that much more amazing. What is the best thing about being in a relationship? Knowing that you have someone who always has your back and that you can count on to laugh with you, to hold you when you cry, and to love you no matter what. Frank and Steve What makes your relationship special? Me and Steve are like perfect for each other. We both have disabilities that seem to complement each other. He is my Grumpy Bear, and I am his baby bear. Megan & Whitney What is the best thing about being in a relationship? The best thing about being in a relationship is literally feeling like you are whole. You get to be with this person that makes your day. She is the first and last person I think of when getting up and going to bed. When you're in a relationship it means you don't have to go through life and whatever it throws at you alone. We are truly each other's best friends…so we always have constant support and love as well as sharing and doing the same things that we like together. Amanda & Etha What makes your relationship special? How the whole time when we weren't together yet we were in love with each other, but just didn't realize it until the last minute. It feels like someone’s watching over me, like a guardian angel. What is the best thing about being in a relationship? Knowing you have someone who cares about you and loves you, and you can have fun with them and laugh, yet still be in love.