Yigit Pura Scores a Sweet Victory on Top Chef: Just Desserts

Openly gay pastry chef Yigit Pura outlasted eleven other competitors to win the much coveted title of top chef on Bravo’s popular spin-off series, Top Chef: Just Desserts.   The Turkish born Yigit prevailed over two other challengers on Wednesday night’s finale.  One of these fellow contestants was Morgan Wilson, who had shown an ugly side of himself by making several anti-gay statements about another competitor he had a personal conflict with late in the season. The Top Chef franchise has always been consistently inclusive, typically featuring several LGBT chefs in each series, but Top Chef: Just Deserts may have set the bar even higher, with at least three openly gay competitors.    Among them was the effusive Zac Young, who became fast friends with Yigit over the course of the show.   Unfortunately, there was no love lost between Zac and Morgan, who in the final episode referred to Zac as a “fairy” and later joked about physically assaulting him. Luckily, good won the day in the end, and Yigit rode his four-dish final effort to victory over Morgan.  And though season has now ended, fans looking for their next helping of Top Chef won’t have to wait long.  New series Top Chef All Stars will reunite 18 chefs from the show’s past seven seasons who narrowly missed the Top Chef title the first time around.  Among those returning are the openly gay Dale Levitski, who made it to the final three, and fan-favorite, openly lesbian chef Jamie Lauren.  The show is set to premiere December 1. You can watch the full final episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts below, which also features an appearance by out-chef and former Top Chef Masters contestant Elizabeth Falkner: