2010 OUTMusic Awards Nominees Announced

On December 1, the annual OUTmusic Awards will celebrate 20 years of music history in the heart of Times Square. This year's nominees reflect a diversity of rising and established artists all working together to promote equality through music. The event will be hosted by comedians Julie Goldman and Jonny McGovern with co-host comedian Tammy Peay and will feature a special appearance by Dr. Carol Channing.  The award ceremony will take place on World AIDS Day at The Town Hall in New York City.

This year’s honorees include Melissa Etheridge – Lifetime Achievement Award; Sheryl Lee Ralph – Pillar Award; Wayne Besen – Visionary Award; Chely Wright – Vanguard Award; international disco icon SYLVESTER – OUTmusic Icon Award; Cyndi Lauper – Person of the Year Award; Randy Jones of the Village People Cowboy – Heritage Award; and 2005 Kennedy Center ‘Women In Music’ Honoree Paula ‘Sticks’ Hampton – The OUTMusic Living Legend Award.

“I’m so very proud to continue the 20 years of the organization in recognizing the best and the brightest in the LGBTQ music community and spotlight the quintessential group of LGBTQ music makers that work so hard to highlight their talent in an industry that often overlooks us,” said Diedra Meredith, chairwoman of the board of directors for the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts (LARA) home of the OUTMUSIC Awards.

LARA also announced the launch of its Sponsor a Young Person initiative, a series of public service announcements featuring Melissa Etheridge, Carol Channing, Bishop Gene Robinson, Chely Wright, Tammy Peay, Tony Sweet, Yetta Kurland, Calpernia Adams, Kamora Herrington, Shangela of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Julie Goldman, Jonny McGovern, the cast of Drama Queenz, Deepa Soul, Momma and Melange Lavonne among others. The initiative aims at raising awareness around the HIV/AIDS epidemic among 13 to 25 year-olds.

Categories and Nominees include:

OUTstanding Rock Song
Christine Martucci, Ocean Ave
Dylan Rice , Homewrecker's Lament
Ariel  Aparicio, People Who Died
Melissa Li & The Barely Theirs, The Beginning
Hunter Valentine, Revenge

OUTstanding Pop Song
Matthew David, Masquerade
Avi Wisnia New Year
Rachael Sage Big Star
Jen Urban & the Box, 21
Chad D, Life Is A Ride

OUTstanding Rap Song
INFINITE ft baron Why U Hate Me
I.K.P. (The Infamous King of Positivity) Let It B. Known
Foxxjazell Ride or Die Boy (Pride remix)
Tim'm West Fly-Brotha
Chad D -Human Link

OUTstanding R&B Song
Tyrangem - Human Beings
Nhojj - The Gay Warrior Song
Marck Angel - Go Baby Go (Remix) - ft. Bry'Nt & Kaoz
Kalup Linzy presents  -In My Head aka Techno Rumba
Jesse O - All That I Can Say

OUTstanding DANCE Song
Chadwick - Intoxicated
Lori Michaels - REBOUND
Jen Urban & the Box - 21
Killian Wells - V.I.P.
Jonathan Luke – Joy Toy (Twisted Dee Remix

OUTstanding Folk/Country
Jill Knight - Don't make me cry
Justin Utley - Stand For Something
Backseat Bordello - Drag Me
Christine Havrilla -  Waiting
Fall Away - Stillness (Title Track in feature film)

OUTstanding Jazz
Terese Genecco – I Ain't Got Nobody
Shaynee Rainbolt - I Only Have Eyes For You
Avi Wisnia - The Back of Your Hand

OUTstanding Song on a Soundtrack
Fall Away - The Humiliation
Fall Away - The Walk
Fall Away - Jakes Misery
Mark Barnes - Alive - Summer
Christian Andreason - Exiting Eden

OUTstnading Male Chorus
Heartland Men's Chorus - We Shall Overcome
Boston Gay Men's Chorus - A Love That Will Never Grow Old

OUTstanding Spiritual
Christine Havrilla  - Take Me to the River
Gary Floyd - Behold
Ray Boltz – I Will Choose To Love
Lindsey Kane - You'll Be Whole
Heartland Men's Chorus-I Will Stand With You

OUTstanding Comedy
Vontanner - Tranny Angel
Paul James Frantz - Think of What Could Happen

OUTstanding International Song
Matthew David - Masquerade
Mark Barnes - Aztec Calling
Kid Akimbo - Disco Berimbau (Riera Remix)

OUTstanding Producer
TwinkleU - Make Up Your Mind
Kid Akimbo - Fun Boyz
Rachael Sage - Hope's Outpost
Brian Kent - I'll Find A Way

OUTstanding Songwriter of the Year
Justin Utley -Stand For Something
Ray Boltz - Don't Tell Me Who To Love
Christine Martucci - Child Inside
Rachael Sage  - Hope's Outpost
Nhojj - The Gay Warrior Song

OUTstanding Single of the Year
Sonia of Disappear Fear - Who I Am
Brian Kent - I'll Find A Way
Ray Boltz - Don't Tell Me Who To Love
Justin Utley - Stand For Something
Terese Genecco - If I Was A Boy

OUTstanding Love Song of the Year
Terese Genecco - If I Was A Boy
Gary Floyd - Love Of My Life
Phil Putnam - Paris
Ray Boltz - You Came To Me
Phyllis A Travis - Troubador of Woes (Oh Peggy, My Love)

OUTstanding OUTmusician
Melange Lavonne - Gay Parenting "I've Got You"
Linq - Oh Bully
Heartland Men's Chorus - MLK
Justin Utley -Stand For Something
Ray Boltz - Swimming Hole

OUTstanding Video of the Year
Hunter Valentine  -  Revenge
Athena Reich - The Logical Song
Rachael Sage - Big Star
Avi Wisnia - Rabbit Hole
Melange Lavonne - Gay Marriage

OUTstanding Album of the Year
Hunter Valentine -The Stalker Lessons From the Late Night
Heartland Men's Chorus - MLK Freedom
Ray Boltz - True True
Rachael Sage - Hope's Outpost Delancey Street
Gary Floyd - Behold The Gospel of Zen

Sonicbids OUTMUSIC Awards Humanitarian Songwriter of the Year:
Backstreet Bordello - "Rise Up"
Candice Anitra - "We Are Love"
Van Rissegham - "Run and Hide"
Silvina - "No Se Porque"

For more information, visit: http://www.outmusic.com/awards.html