Faith Leaders Honor Spirit Day!

October 21, 2010
Pro-LGBT faith leaders in denominations stepped up on a moment’s notice to put Spirit Day on the map in the faith world.  Even Evangelicals published an anti-LGBT bullying article with a mention of GLAAD’s efforts to promote Spirit Day. Protestant’s were primed by the  Believe Out Loud conference and anti-bullying proclamations were being signed by Jewish,  Christian and Muslims faith leaders, so when asked to go purple in memory of young people who took their own lives because of bullying—they were ready.
United Church of Christ
The United Church of Christ (UCC) - an entire denomination - changed its web presence to purple to support this campaign.  The UCC is the only denomination with a specifically LGBT national program.  Faith programs in the The Taskforce, HRC and NBJC gave support, and denominational LGBT advocacy groups and leaders from Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran, Unitarian, Jewish and other traditions responded immediately to requests to make Spirit Day a priority.
Michael Adee, Executive Director of More Light Presbyterians said, “This has caught on like wildfire throughout the More Light Presbyterian Facebook page and key leaders. I know we have thousands of Presbyterians going purple today.  Thank you to GLAAD for making this possible.” Reverend Susan Russell, Senior Associate at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, also spoke out on Spirit Day at the Amicus Brief Press Conference at the L.A. Cathedral Center, where the focus was the amicus brief being filed in support of Judge Vaughn Walker's Proposition 8 ruling.