Spirit Day Brings Sad News of Yet Another Young Gay Man's Suicide

As Spirit Day winds down, we read of sad news about why days like today are necessary.  News broke late today, that Corey Jackson, 19, was found in a wooded area off campus near Oakland University in Michigan.  According to police, it appears Corey hanged himself.  It is unknown whether or not bullying was a factor in Corey’s apparent suicide. We are reflecting on a day full of tremendous support throughout the country – where people wore purple in solidarity for young LGBT people suffering.  Though we don’t know the specific circumstances that led to Corey’s suicide, we’re reminded once again of the sad reality that far too many young gay people take their own lives. To any young person out there hurting, please know that today hundreds of thousands of people stood with you.  It’s a tough world – but we believe in you.  At GLAAD we’re here for you, we stand with you.  If you need someone to talk to, please pick up the phone right now and call our friends at The Trevor Project:  866-4-U-TREVOR. Losing Corey weighs heavily at the end of this Spirit Day.  We are grateful to so many people stood up and were counted today – but the news of Corey’s death reminds us how much work there is left to do.