NY Teen "Savagely Beaten" For Perceived Sexual Orientation

A 16-year-old high school student from Nassau County, New York, whose name has not been released, was “savagely beaten” on a Long Island school bus earlier this week for being gay. According to CBS New York: Three schoolmates have been charged with felony hate crime – 16-year-old Chase Morrison of Lakeview, 18-year-old David Spencer of North Valley Stream and 16-year-old Roy Wilson of Baldwin. Police told CBS that the incident happened inside a school bus where “anti-gay slurs, taunting and bullying began, and added the lawless behavior went on for weeks.”  Investigators also said “the alleged victim from BOCES career prep admitted he didn’t have the courage to complain — fearing retaliation, but when the taunts turned physical the victim finally came forward.” The incident happens after more than six anti-gay bullying related suicides. Media coverage has focused extensively in the past few weeks around the anti-LGBT bullying suicides of various young people around the nation. From major national news outlets and celebrity statements to local broadcasting and blogs, a wide range of perspectives have emerged on these deaths, urging Americans to take action. LGBT organizations are continuing to educate and encourage the public to take positive action against the issue of anti-LGBT bullying, including the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN); Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), and The Trevor Project.. The Make It Better Project has a number of events listed on its Web site during the month of October encouraging action against more tragedies occurring and inciting remembrance. GLAAD also released a statement on the recent bullying-related suicides, regretting the loss of the lives of these boys, and urging the media to take responsibility for exposing anti-gay rhetoric. “These senseless tragedies are a wake-up call about the immense hostility facing the youth across the nation,” said GLAAD President, Jarrett Barrios. “We urge the media to investigate how dehumanizing anti-gay rhetoric in the national discourse affects vulnerable young people who feel they have nowhere to turn.”