How You Can Support the Families of Seth Walsh & Asher Brown

Seth Walsh

Memorial services are being held this weekend for Seth Walsh and Asher Brown, two of the four teenage boys who committed suicide in September as a result of school bullying.  Please see below for ways you can show your support for the loved ones they've left behind. To support the family of Seth Walsh (California): -Donations to assist the family can be made at any branch of the Bank of the Sierra.

Asher Brown

To support the family of Asher Brown (Texas): -Monetary contributions to the family can be made by mailing them to: Pulse Missions; P.O. Box 570063; Houston, TX 77257-0063 OR via PayPal on the Web site of Jonathan Truong, Asher's uncle. A glowlight vigil to commemorate those who have died this month because of suicide is planned in New York City on Sunday, October 3, 2010. The vigil will begin at 9pm at Washington Square Park.