Divorce for Gay and Lesbian Couples

“But as our families continue the march towards equality, the gay and lesbian community often doesn’t talk about divorce,” states GLAAD’s President, Jarrett Barrios, in his op-ed piece running today in the Boston Globe. The subject of divorce for same-sex couples is not often discussed, but for the same-sex couples who have been able to marry in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., divorce can become a reality. Indeed, LGBT people share in the pain of divorce, just as we share in the joys of marriage. As Barrios mentions, “if you’re gay and arguing that marriage should be open to you, divorce seems to be the ultimate failure.” Some of the important protections associated with marriage actually occur at divorce: "protections that help the more economically vulnerable partner, give a formula for sharing the care of the children, and establish how two people can disentangle a life’s worth of acquisitions, compromises and dreams," shares Barrios. Read more of Jarrett's commentary on divorce for married same-sex couples and share your thoughts!