Let NBC and the Today Show Know They Made the Right Decision

July 9, 2010
NBC's Today Show has been receiving some anti-gay backlash their social networking sites since announcing their decision to allow same-sex couples to enter the “Modern Wedding Contest.” We ask that the community be just as vocal in affirming their decision as you were in letting them know we would not allow discrimination to go unchecked. Here are the ways you can continue to  show your support:
  • Post a message on Twitter such as this one: .@TodayShow Thanks for making the right decision in opening the wedding contest to same-sex couples! (cc @glaad ) #LGBT
  • Email today@nbc.com and let them know you appreciate what they've done.
Thank you for all your efforts. This victory would not have been possible without the incredible outpouring of community support. h/t to Good As You for the initial alert. Read our original Call to Action here. *UPDATE: Poll closed with 88% Yes, 1% Maybe, 12% No