July's In the Life Defies Stereotypes

This month's In the Life, a news series that highlights issues specific to the LGBT community, is titled "Defying Stereotypes" and features two unique stories about LGBT trailblazers who are working to eradicate rampant homophobia through counteracting anti-gay stereotypes with healthy, positive images of the LGBT community. The first segment spotlights lesbian "touristas," who bring visibility to the lesbian community while making change in local communities in the Caribbean. In 2009, Sweet, a lesbian travel company, launched its first-ever eco-friendly lesbian cruise. But these women aren't all out to party--they volunteer their time to assist Caribbean communities in need, hoping to make positive change in the environment while changing the hearts and minds of locals.

IN THE LIFE documents stories from the LGBT experience.

The second segment follows a new generation of rappers like Shorty Roc and KIN, who are countering the genre's homophobia, violence, and objectification of women with LGBT inclusive lyrics and themes. These rappers demonstrate the idea that "one love" includes everyone. To find out when this episode of In the Life airs in your area, go to the In the Life website.