What to Watch: Tuesday, May 18

Neil Patrick Harris guest stars on this week's Glee, and the contestants have their final chance to wow the judges before the final two are chosen on American Idol! Tuesday, May 18

The one and only NPH drops by Glee as Will's old nemesis, Bryan Ryan

8:00 pm Dancing with the Stars, ABC (1 hr) NEW With only four contestants left, who will shake their booties well enough to remain in the competition? 8:00 pm American Idol, Fox (1 hr) NEW It’s the last performance before the finale, so the three remaining contenders better step it up for America and out judge Ellen DeGeneres! 8:00 pm 90210, The CW (1 hr) SEASON FINALE Teddy wants revenge against Spence after he tries to blackmail Silver, and Liam’s boat is set on fire. Also, Navid tells Adrianna how he feels about her, and Debbie learns something about Harry. 9:00 pm Glee, Fox (1 hr) NEW Will’s old high school glee club nemesis (out actor Neil Patrick Harris) comes to show Will how it’s done! Also, Rachel struggles with something in her personal life and Artie goes on an adventure.