What to Watch: Thursday, April 29

Angela uses her music knowledge to help crack the case on Bones, and how will Jim and Pam's sales pitch go on The Office? Thursday, April 29 8:00 pm Vampire Diaries, The CW (1 hr) NEW Elena finds out how Stefan and Damon became vampires, as Jeremy and Anna’s relationship develops. Also, Pearl confronts Jonathan. Created by out screenwriter, Kevin Williamson.

Elena learns Stefan and Damon's secret on the Vampire Diaries

8:00 pm FlashForward, ABC (1 hr) NEW Lesbian FBI agent Janis helps speed up an ongoing project by relaying information to her employer, and Olivia learns about a man who has experienced multiple flash forwards, some involving her future. Also, Aaron hunts for his daughter in Afganistan. 8:00 pm Bones, Fox (1 hr) NEW Bisexual forensic artist Angela’s knowledge of the music industry helps Booth and Brennan investigate a case involving of the remains of a rich risk-taker found at a rock-and-roll camp. 9:00 pm The Office, NBC (30 min) NEW Pam and Jim join forces on a sales pitch, and Mindy is pressured into minority training by Dwight. Features gay accountant, Oscar.