GLAAD Fellows Continue to Make Lasting Contributions

Since 2000, GLAAD’s Fellowship Program has successfully allowed young, driven graduate students and recent post graduate students the ability to help pave the way for the LGBT community’s future as well as make significant strides in the present. The Fellowship Program was created to develop and grow new leadership in the movement for LGBT equality and provide a unique opportunity to build experience in media activism. 
Nearly working full time in either the New York or Los Angeles offices, fellows are mentored and supervised directly by GLAAD staff members in our Programs and Communications departments. Fellows in the GLAAD Program gain the work experience and professional growth necessary to made headway in an increasingly competitive job market. “Coming to GLAAD has been a truly life-changing experience, both personally and professionally. As a GLAAD Fellow, I have made a true and lasting difference in the LGBT community while simultaneously gaining the skills necessary to becoming an effective advocate and communicator on the national media landscape”, Seth Adams, 2010 Deputy Director/Advertising Fellow.   GLAAD is committed and focused on continuing its Fellowship Programs worth and value. This year, GLAAD received significant corporate sponsorships from the University of Phoenix, AT&T and The Palette Fund. These generous donations allow GLAAD to fund its 2010 Fellows and continue their valuable work. With the support of the University of Phoenix, AT&T, The Palette Fund and others, GLAAD’s Fellows will make lasting contributions to GLAAD’s current work as well as turn their experience into positive change as they become leaders in our society.   “My fellowship at GLAAD has provided a wonderful bridge between my previous transgender advocacy work on campus and the realm of national non-profit LGBT advocacy.  I greatly value the opportunity to work with both community members and media sources around the country to ensure full, respectful and accurate reporting about transgender people and stories relating to gender identity and gender expression.” –Anna Wipfler, 2010 National News/Transgender Advocacy Initiatives Fellow GLAAD fellows are undoubtedly a huge asset and tremendous value to the work done at GLAAD. If you are interested in GLAAD’s Fellowship Program, please visit