Religion, Faith & Values Staff Speaks About Faith Leaders on In The Life Episode

The first 2010 episode of In The Life, scheduled to air in New York City on PBS Channel 13 on Sunday, January 17th, will document historic changes in the faith world.  Daniel Karslake (For the Bible Tells Me So) interviews Emily Eastwood of Lutherans Concerned and Baptist Dr. Welton Gaddy.   GLAAD Director of Religion, Faith and Values Ann Craig along with MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow provided perspectives on these two important faith leaders for the episode.

GLAAD’s invitation to the In the Life episode stemmed from media work with Lutheran LGBT leaders as they pushed for the historic vote for full inclusion of LGBT partnered and married gay and lesbian ministers as well as GLAAD’s promotion of Dr. Welton Gaddy’s  “white paper” that made marriage equality a priority for The Interfaith Alliance.  Dr. Gaddy is a Southern Baptist who follows the Baptist tradition of freedom of religion.

GLAAD will continue to work with these two organizations to bring their message of acceptance and their historic moves towards inclusion from their religions to all Americans.  These groups, and In the Life, are changing the media conversation from “Gays vs. God” to “Gay people are part of the changing face of religion.”