What to Watch: Tuesday

What is this? Dr. Bhamba and Lem's mom, together?! Watch the insanity unfold on an all new Better Off Ted, starring Portia de Rossi and Jonathan Slavin.

Tuesday, December 22

The fabulous Ms. Portia De Rossi

The fabulous Ms. Portia de Rossi

9:30 pm Better Off Ted, ABC (30 min) NEW
Dr. Bhamba begins an affair with Lem’s mother when she comes by for a visit. Plus Linda crushes Ted after suggesting he improve his project by making a light bulb that never burns out.  Out actors Portia de Rossi and Jonathan Slavin star.

10:00 pm Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, Bravo (1 hr) REPEAT
Salon owners beware! Tabatha is back with a new season of her Salon Takeover. Watch as she magically turns salons around making them beautiful and habitable places once again.