What to Watch: Wednesday

The brains at Bravo are at it again, this time pairing people who want their own fashion line with designers who will  help create them. I don't think there is enough room in that small workroom to fit all that ego but it will be fun to watch them try on Launch My Line.

Wednesday, December 9

8:00 pm So You Think You Can Dance, FOX (1 hrs) NEW
Two contestants are eliminated. Who will make the final cut? Openly gay judge Adam Shankman will help make that difficult call!

8:00 pm The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS (30 min) NEW
When Christine learns that her son is the school bully it makes her look back and then apologize to the woman (Amy Sedaris) that she used to bully.

9:00 pm Modern Family, ABC (30 min) NEW
Holidays are filled with fun and cheer unless you’re a Pritchett. Phil and Claire threaten to pull the plug Christmas unless the kids come clean about a few things while Jay cringes at Gloria and Manny’s traditions and Mitchell and Cameron take Lily for her first picture with Santa. What could possibly go wrong?

9:00 pm Glee, FOX (1 hr) NEW
As sectionals approach, Quinn’s secret isn’t so secret which threatens club cohesion and possibly sectionals all together! Sue continues being Sue with her scheming ways while Will considers an important decision as Emma and Ken’s wedding get closer.

9:00 pm Law and Order: SVU, USA (1 hr) REPEAT
Three children of immigrant families are murdered but not to worry, Fin is on the case. After watching a fight between an immigrant lawyer and a fan of an anti-foreigner talk-show, Fin makes a breakthrough. Out Dr. Huang will no doubt be close by to help with the psychiatrics of immigrant haters.

Cast of Launch My Line

Cast of Launch My Line

10:00 pm Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, MTV (1 hr) NEW
The Challengers keep being eliminated. Let’s hope bisexual Sarah can stay alive.

10:00 pm Nip/Tuck, FX (1 hr) NEW
Poor Christian is forced to do bad things due to all the debt he’s in but he does bond with a young adopted patient. Plus and unexpected visitor brings very mixed feelings to McNamara/Troy.

11:00 pm Launch My Line, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
The fabulous out twins of Dsquared2 come to the aid of designers and artists dying to have their own fashion line. Can these random duos get past their egos and make it work? Watch and see!