Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh Tells GLAAD: YouTube Video is Wrong

December 3, 2009
harbaughAfter receiving reports from constituents regarding a video on YouTube depicting Stanford football coach's apparent use of an anti-gay slur, I reached out to Stanford University. The video, taken from ABC's broadcast, shows coach Jim Harbaugh swearing at an official over a penalty. Although the audio is muted, it appears as if Harbaugh screams the word "f***ot." Harbaugh called back to personally state he never said the word "f***ot." He said, "It did not come out of my mouth. It would not come out of my mouth. It's not in my heart to ever say that." Harbaugh acknowledged that he did curse but did not say an anti-gay slur. After discussing the need to create safe spaces for both LGBT athletes and for athletes who have LGBT friends and family members, Harbaugh said the university would be releasing a statement denouncing the video. GLAAD will post Stanford's statement as soon as it is available.