What to Watch: Tuesday

Don't miss the Sundance Channel television premiere of Where the Water Meets the Sky. Watch as Zambian women learn the art of film-making to explore and share the true toll AIDS is taking on the women of their country.

Tuesday, December 1

8:00 pm So You Think You Can Dance, FOX (2 hrs) NEW
The top 10 dancers perform. Who will make the final cut? Openly gay judge Adam Shankman will help make that difficult call!

8:00 pm 90210, The CW (1 hr) NEW
Liam and Dixon decide to be honest with Naomi about her sister at the horse races while Silver and Teddy bond over their lost loved ones and Adrianna gets clean after seeing Navid in the hospital. Plus Annie sneaks out of the house to be with drug-dealing Jasper.

9:00 pm Melrose Place, The CW (1 hr) NEW
Amanda wastes no time getting comfy in Sydney’s old penthouse and David immediately catches her eyes. Plus Ella uses her sneaky ways to get Jonah a job and Amanda and Michael reunite.

Ground-breaking documentary

Ground-breaking documentary

10:00 pm Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, Bravo (1 hr) NEW
Salon owners beware! Tabatha is back with a new season of her Salon Takeover. Watch as she magically turns salons around making them beautiful and habitable places once again.

10:00 pm Where the Water Meets the Sky, Sundance (2 hrs) PREMIERE
Tonight is the US television premiere of the amazing documentary about a group of Northern Zambian women learning how to use filmmaking as a way to speak about their lives and the deaths of women due to the AIDS epidemic in their country.