What to Watch: Thursday

The final three show their collections tonight on the season finale of Project Runway. Who win it all? Althea, Carol Hannah, or Irina?

Thursday, November 19

8:00 pm FlashForward, ABC (1 hr) NEW
Bryce tries to find the woman in his flash forward as Aaron’s concern for Tracy’s behavior grows. Plus Mark looks to find the person who texted Olivia about his vision and Demetri’s fellow agents look for the caller who warned him about his fate.

8:00 pm The Vampire Diaries, The CW (1 hr) NEW
Damon uncovers surprising news about the town’s founding families while Elena makes a discovery that will affect her relationship with Stefan. Elsewhere Jeremy takes to drawing fantasy creatures that he had abandoned after his parents died. Created by out producer Kevin Williamson.

Don't miss the finale of Peoject Runway

Don't miss the finale of Peoject Runway

9:00 pm Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (1 hr) NEW
The holidays tend to bring stress, which is what happens at the hospital. Bailey’s father visits for the holidays, disapproving of her life choices while Mark’s past complicates things with Lexie and Meredith defends the Chief when Thatcher criticizes him.

9:00 pm The Office, NBC (30 min) NEW
David Wallace invites an overly excited Michel to a shareholders meeting to which Michael then invites a Scranton entourage: Andy, Dwight, and Oscar. Jim, left behind, clashes with a lazy Ryan.

10:00 pm Project Runway, Lifetime (1 hr) SEASON FINALE
It’s down to the finale three: Althea, Carol Hannah, and Irina. Who will rock the runway and who will be sent home as the winner is announced tonight!