What to Watch: This Weekend

It's a weekend of questions as Marc takes perhaps one more stab at Betty's new job and Kevin and Scotty will hopefully make a decision on starting a family. Be sure to catch the all new episodes Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty.

Will Marc steal Betty's thunder?

Will Marc steal Betty's thunder?

Friday, October 23

9:00 pm Ugly Betty, ABC (1 hr) NEW
Betty gets an exclusive scoop on a hot designer from one of Hilda’s customers, but when Marc finds out all bets are off. Plus, Daniel meets a new woman at his support group (guest star Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and Willie hunts down Connor in the Caribbean.

9:00 pm Stargate Universe, SyFy (1 hrs) NEW
The Destiny seems to be a doomed ship as it is on a collision course with a star…but the only working shuttle can only hold 17. Who stays and who goes?


Saturday, October 24

9:00 pm Color Splash, HGTV (1 hr) NEW
Gay interior designer David Bromstad reworks living spaces. Tonight he makes over a living room with Balinese and Moroccan flair.


Sunday, October 25

8:00 pm The Amazing Race, CBS (1 hrs) NEW
Only seven teams remain as the brothers McMillen journey around Dubai in this 21-day, eight-country race around the globe! We’ll find out if they’re afraid of heights as the teams must go down a giant water slide. Go team McMillen!

8:00 pm The Simpsons, Fox (30 min) REPEAT
If you missed the season 21 opener, now is your chance to catch it. Watch as Homer becomes a super hero and a movie star with the help of a celebrity fitness trainer voiced by Seth Rogen.

9:00 pm Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr) NEW
It seems the men have taken charge on Wisteria Lane as Susan and Katherine literally fight over Mike and a handyman seeks only Tom’s approval and not Lynettes’. Meanwhile, Danny’s accidents gets covered up by Angie and Nick, Gaby tries to prove she’s a good mother, and Bree gets judged for her affair with Karl. Come on ladies pull it together!

9:30 pm American Dad, Fox (30 min) REPEAT
Roger takes a break from guys as he competes with Steve for an overweight girl’s affection. Meanwhile appearance-obsessed Stan becomes anorexic after Steve brings home this new girl.

Will Kevin and Scotty decide to start a family?

Will Kevin and Scotty decide to start a family?

10:00 pm Brothers and Sisters, ABC (1 hr) NEW
Kevin and Scotty still can’t agree on starting a family but the discussion takes an interesting turn tonight. Plus Sarah’s hunky souvenir from France, Luc, makes an impression on the Walkers while Robert tries to keep Kitty’s mind off her illness.

10:00 pm Mad Men, AMC (1 hr) NEW
Still no Sal as Sterling Cooper welcomes back an old client. Plus Betty and the kids take a trip and Joan and Greg makes plans for their future together.